Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September showers bring Football players

Can you believe September is already here? What happened to the long days of summer and vacations and going out every night? Oh right...we're not in college anymore. Though perk! (I don't think I've ever said perk when referring to no longer being in college...but anyway) September no longer carries the dread of back to school, school supply newspaper inserts, and being on the man's schedule. September might be my favorite month of the year! So many good things to look forward to, such as:

Candy corn--I swear I almost picked up a necklace, dangerously identical to candy corn, to eat it the other day. And no, thankfully it was not a necklace I own..

My UVA Cavaliers and Penn State Nittany Lions. I can't wait to watch a game outside in the beautiful fall weather.

Pumpkin Beer--this stuff will change the way ladies drink beer.

Fall leaves--love them! Though this means we need to invest in some curtains...we're been relying on the leaf protection package for privacy since we moved into our new apt.
September is my birthday month! And yes, these are Magnolia cupcakes--I wonder if they deliver these...

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  1. I saw candy corn in Walgreens and about peed my pants. I LOVE CANDY CORN but no one else seems to! I also love pumpkins...the autumn mix...and I saw that they're now making chocolate candy corn!