Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

They won!! Now we're number what?! in the country?

This weekend was wonderful. We had no plans to do anything but watch football, run errands, and eat delicious things. My mom ended up coming into town for brunch on Sunday and some shopping--I acted as personal style consultant for the day, aren't there jobs where you get paid for this? I need to look into that....Anyway we found some great fall clothes and I saw the largest human being I've ever! seen in real life. This poor guy, I say poor b/c people must just stare at him the entire time he's out in public, was at least! 7 feet tall and maybe taller. He was not a basketball player, as Bryan immediately inquired, he was just a middle aged dad with his, seemingly tiny in comparison, normal sized wife. My mom made me go stand near the guy, in the baby section no less, to compare how much taller he was than my shrimpy self. Anyway, the weekend went by too fast as usual but we got our costco run out of the way and our football fix met until next weekend.

I also picked up another pair of F-Uggs (fake Uggs) at Costco, in brown, which I was super pumped about. I am obsessed with these shoes--they are soo comfortable and at $35 bucks it's more than worth it.

This week I'll be heading to Charlottesville and then DC this weekend to visit family/watch Penn State play Iowa. I can't wait!

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