Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Inner Habor view from our hotel.

We had a fabulous time in Baltimore/Annapolis for the last few days. Its always exciting to get out of the routine and travel. Suprisingly because of our mandatory vaca on Friday we got up to Baltimore without any 95 traffic, an incredible feat. We checked into our amazing! hotel--the Haborplace Renaissance Hotel right in the harbor and went to the aquarium. The aquarium was pretty packed with little ones--note to anyone planning a trip there, it will be crowded and there will be tons of small children running everywhere. I feel like its almost not worth going at this age unless you have kids. After the aquarium we started towards Camden yards to watch the Orioles play. We ran across an awesome bar, the Pratt St Ale House, which brews their own beer and had an amazing! happy hr with 2.50 beers. Knowing we were going to pay $18 per beer in the game we happily drank up.

Pizza lunch at Mathew's in Baltimore. Yes--we're those people, if you are our waitress you will probably have to take a pic before the meal is over.

This is what they mean by pre-gaming.

Sat morning we hung around the Inner Habor and then went to...ESPN Zone--yep and it was my idea, but the first day of college football was here! and I had to see at least a few plays from my Nittany Lions. After that we drove over to Annapolis where we hung out with my family and Baby, now toddler, D. All in all it was an awesome vacation--and my birthday is coming up this week! Whats better than a 4 day week to celebrate your birthday?

How cute is he?

Happy Labor Day!

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