Monday, November 29, 2010

Married, Honeymooned, and ready for Christmas!

We did it! Our wedding in Virginia was over 2 weeks ago, I can't believe it. Everything went perfectly, our venue was amazing and took care of all the extra details. The ceremony was beautiful, Bryan's uncle did such a good job! Our DJ was fabulous and we happily danced the night away. I'll start recapping with pictures and vendor reviews for any other ladies getting married soon.

I will only say this, Etsy was my savior!!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We were on the tail end of our honeymoon in Napa/San Francisco so we decided to have a Chinese dinner in Chinatown, it.was.delicious.

For shoppers still looking to pick up a few gifts or holiday accessories, Pottery Barn is having an amazing one day monogram and free shipping sale on tons of great products. I scooped up a few things for our friends, family, and apartment!

Monday, November 8, 2010

After Party

This is my post wedding/after party dress! I can't wait to wear it--though it's going to be pretty cold out, maybe with black tights?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Skincare Love

I know it's been forever! since this bride to be has checked in for a recap of well...anything. I'm going to try to start back up with wedding details since the big day is less than two weeks away!

First off, skin care, something I used to know nothing about. When we were first planning the wedding I had heard it was a good idea to go all bootcamp on your skin, unless you already had a magical regime--I definitely did not. I started slow using these guys every night to take off the day:

Then I decided to spring for something I had been pining for:

The Clairsonic! is amazing. I am really a believer in this product and after using it daily for about 2 weeks I could tell my skin was softer and nicer with more of a glow. I didn't have any weird reactions to it, no bumps or irritation, just taking off the older skin cells and exfoliating like it was going out of style. This was my major skincare routine change and it worked amazingly well.

So I thought about doing facials for a more intense kind of skincare prep right before the big day. Instead I decided to try out the Boscia Black Masque from Sephora and now I give myself facials at home twice a week. There is a reason everyone is raving about this masque, it really cleans your skin and purifies amazingly well. I think this is still sold out at the Sephora website, I nabbed mine from the local Nashville mall.

There you go--my skincare regime revealed! What are some of your favorite products?