Sunday, September 27, 2009

We will not speak of this again--weekend recap

So this weekend was...not what we expected. After I worked my butt off at the UVA Career Fair all day on Friday I was totally exhausted. I spoke to at least 50 soon to be college graduates, many nerves, sweaty hands, and gum chewing--really?! I also decided this was the perfect way to contract swine flu--so I purelled the hell outta my hands as often as I could. Post career fair we ordered a pizza, watched I love you Man, and stayed in for the night. Saturday we went up to DC to visit family, and we had a few surprise guests. My sister and aunt ended up coming in for the game so we had 9 people! hanging out. It was really great to see everyone, especially baby davis who entertained everyone all night. He was obsessed! with my digital camera and ran around showing everyone the pictures of him I had taken...and occassionally launching my camera into the ground, haha. And the game....well that was a letdown. The nitts couldn't get anything done---at all. It was bad. So long great season, so long.

Bryan got a birthday surprise, dallas cowboys style.

And some of us got blue food coloring in our hair...

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  1. That is so weird how their birthdays turned out! I actually saw a "Nittany Lions" shirt this weekend in a golf store and I was like, I know I've seen that before on one of these blogs!