Saturday, September 26, 2009

Game Day, sorry hawks

Tonight we're heading up to watch the Penn State big ten opener with my family in DC. Yes, PSU football is an event that we will travel hours to watch on someone elses tv. Last year the Iowa Hawkeyes beat Penn State, by ONE point, and ruined their otherwise undefeated season, by ONE point--so tonight they will be after revenge. No I'm not bitter about it or anything. Hopefully State will be able to put up a nice lead so my blood pressure will go down enough to enjoy the game, and my family of course. We've also got some birthday surprises planned for Bry! It should be a great weekend--I'll report back with our Ikea finds, cute toddler D pics, and a highlight reel of Penn State's Iowa stomping.

Hopefully including this--

And this--

Have a good weekend everyone!

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