Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Love

So I've been in a little birthday funk since yesterday...I'm not sure why but I guess it has something to do with turning 25, feeling (for the first time) a tinge of yikes I'm getting older, thinking about what my next life adventure will be....etc. I feel like 25 is the age of almost being able to get away with anything--you can do things like buy a house, get married, not get carded every time you order a bottle of wine, it's weird! I understand people do these things all the time and often before they are 25--but for me it's strange to be getting closer to the appropriateness of those life events. Anyway I'm trying to break out of the funk! This little blog-therapy session should help--along with a ton of football watching this weekend.

This weekend is going to be great! We're headed to the UVA game on Saturday and then birthday brunching with friends on Sunday. I'm planning to go sundress shopping tonight in search of something cute for tomorrow. It's supposed to be sunny and beautiful tomorrow!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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