Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today Reagan is going for her 6 month vet checkup. I realized I've never talked about her on my blog--She is the worldest greatest cat, for those of you who haven't met her. After going back and forth for months about getting a cat and taking on the extra responsibility I decided to just swing by the SPCA, just to look, not to take home anyone. theory that was a good idea. Reagan was the only kitten in the SPCA at the time, I went looking for an older cat btw--haha you try turning down a kitten! it didn't happen. We played with her for a while and had a one on one visit. As we were leaving, and I thought I'd made up my mind to come back later, I stopped and asked about putting a hold on her, which you can only do for an hour because kittens are so popular. I called my roommates and pleaded with them to ok the decision. Then Bry and I went shopping, supermarket game show style, throwing stuff in the cart to meet our hour deadline. We made it, barely, and Reagan has been here ever since. She has the most affectionate and playful personality and loves to hang with everyone we have over. She is a source of constant entertainment and companionship.

Sleepy Reagan as a kitten.

Looking curious and stylish with her Virginia sweatshirt.

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