Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birthday Brat

Yep, I'll admit I am a birthday brat! It's your one day of the year so I squeeze every ounce out of it as I can. I'm sure this will change in the next few years as I sky rocket towards my "I'm getting old and this is out of control" age of 28, but for now I'm living it up. All this starts with the birthday two weeks...yes some might think this is excessive but I think it's fair, if not a little skimpy. So to explain, your birthday two weeks starts one week before your birthday and ends one week after to encompass all cards received, candygrams, present deliveries, happy birthday serenades, etc. It's pretty awesome to have two weeks of birthday, so don't knock it til you try it. These are the things I'll be enjoying during my two week extravaganza:

Yum, hopefully lots of pumpkim (yea thats definitely spelled wrong) spice lattes, they're back!

NFL football always starts on my birthday!

And hopefully lots of these! in a hammock...


Reporting back about the white sangria project--delicious! and a great basic white sangria that would be even better if you added other fruit juices or my fav, pieces of fruit to absorb all of that wine goodness.

Bry and I will be heading to MD for the labor day weekend starting tomorrow so I'll make sure to take tons of pics and give the full report next week. We're visiting my aunt and uncle and their baby D, I can't wait! to see him. He's the cutest two year old ever. Hopefully he doesn't already have this book:

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