Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Recap

General laziness, lots of studying (Bry is taking his GMAT this fall), we tried a delicious new restaurant, went hiking around 3 Lakes Park, a little shopping, saw Julie and Julia which was really good--Meryl Streep is an amazing actress, and I've been stalking Ebay to try to find a few birthday presents for Bry--

I've been seriously addicted to Ebay lately, in preparation for a new Fall season and countless events (um football games), I've been searching for some new fall clothing. The new J Crew catalogue has not exactly been a good influence either. I'm usually in a pretty strong state of addiction when it comes to Ebay but recently it has been off the charts. I tend to play psychological games with myself when it comes to this online shopping site--like for instance I think of any $$ that I make selling clothes on Ebay as "play $$--like monopoly money", money that is to be leaving my pockets as soon as I receive it for better, prettier, more season appropriate clothing. If my balance runs out, which surprise! it already has this week, I think man...I need to go through my closets again. I'm a clothes peddler! a "textile merchant" according to some, and I need help--I know, I know. If anyone knows a 12-step program for Ebay addiction, please help a girl out.

On that note--only good things to look forward to this week, my Birthday two weeks! starts on Thursday, woohoo...I'll explain that later, and cereal for dinner b/c Bry is away on business.

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