Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shouldn't this show be called Top Tat?

I'm definitely a fan of Top Chef, don't get me wrong, but I'm having trouble getting into the show this season. I think it miiight have something to do with the abundance of piercings, ear pulls (or whatever those things are called), and tattoos. I'm all for freedom of expression but cooking shows should = looking clean. Top Chef can still count me in for now but heres to hoping the grunge gets kicked sooner rather than later.

Sidenote/Celebrity Sighting: Yesterday I swear! I saw Johnny Drama's look alike in Starbucks--I'm not going to kid you, he's not an attractive dude, but all I could think was "VICTORY" while walking out.

Also, for those of you who don't know me already here is a little intro--

I'm twenty-four, almost twenty-five! and living in Richmond VA. We just moved into an awesome loft style apartment--we being my boyfriend Bry and our little cat Reagan. We both graduated from UVA which is still close by in Charlottesville so we get back pretty often for football games and to visit my little sister who goes to school there. I've always lived in Virginia but I love! to travel. Bry lived in Dallas for the first year we dated so we traveled back and forth a ton. I really enjoyed our time in Texas and like to think we brought a little back to VA...but thats for another post...I'll be blogging about random musings, style finds, my love for Ebay, foodie obsessions, good movies, Reagans new antics, travels, etc, you get the idea. I'm excited to start blogging and hope to meet some great people in the process!

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