Monday, October 19, 2009

Penn State Homecoming

We had a great weekend in State College! Despite below freezing temps and snow flurries we made it up late Friday night. Saturday it was still cold and drizzling but we layered up and went to the game after spending some time warming up and watching the other college football games. After watching the lions dominate Minnesota (thankfully!) we headed downtown to the Allen St Grill for dinner with my grandparents. I tried to order a hot buttered rum to warm up after the game but all they made were Hot Toddys (old school, yes). I wasn't a big fan of rum and tea and would advise against them....blah. I also realized this weekend, haha more like remembered, how insane my family is about football---we literally discussed all of the big games play by play and critiqued the Penn State game the rest of the night. I also learned about the fiasco my aunt caused having her wedding on the biggest PSU game day of the year 20 some years ago...haha. It's no wonder I've turned out the way I am...

ps. check out the guy in the pig hat behind us...not cute no matter how cold it is

pps. note Bryan is wearing an 80s rainsuit, yes pants and! a jacket, courtesy of my grandfather, haha it was hilarious

All bundled up and ready to go!


  1. You get an award for braving it! My brother couldn't make it there from Wash D.C. :(

  2. You look so cute! The pig hat is definitely a no!! haha

  3. You look sooo cute in the Carrie coat!