Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Costume consultants

I need a service that will research and prepare my halloween costume every year. I am historically bad at coming up with ideas and then pulling something together. You would think that I'd have mastered the craft by now, seeing as how I had a different costume themed date function to attend every other month in college...BUT sadly no. This is why I was a princess for halloween my first 10 years of trick or treating. I like actually putting the costume together once I have a feasible idea. I have a few standouts like Kelly Kapowski (Bayside Cheerleader style) and Catwoman (I had a whip for this one!) but this year I struggled again to come up with an idea. Enter my sister--who is blessed with the costume gene. She had the idea to go as a black widow, sold!, I have black clothes and can definitely whip up some web-like eye makeup. I also may have bought a little black number on ebay a while ago...this is definitely do-able.

Ahh who remembers this scene?

So this is what I'm going for, or something like this--

Does everyone else have their halloween costumes all ready to go?

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