Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Tags

Thanks to DC Prep and Susan in the South for tagging me!

The rules:
1. Answer with 5 answers.
2. Tag 5 favorite bloggers.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

it was 1999 and...
-I was a freshman in high school, wow
-Running cross country and flirting with my soon to be high school boyfriend
-Dreaming about getting my drivers license
-Thinking about Homecoming and what to wear...(haha I did this a few weeks ago but for college)
-Watching some serious penn state football (ok, so this one never changes!)

2. What are 5 things on your To Do list today?

-mail Halloween cards for my siblings
-put finishing touches on my Halloween costume, haha I mean start thinking about it
-look extra professional for yearly performance review (failed, i wore a fur vest to work...oops)
-buy wine for halloween party
-dress up for tonight in black, and decide between witch or femme fatale look

3. Snacks you enjoy?

-Cheddar Chex Mix
-Grits, random I know--it's only a phase
-white cheddar popcorn
-Yoplait yogurt, raspberry cheesecake is the best!
-a really good apple

4. Where are 5 places you have lived?

-Lynchburg, VA
-Charlottesville, VA
-Richmond, VA
-anddd thats all I've got...for now ;-)

5. What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

-I would payoff my family's mortgages and then buy a ski house in Utah, a summer house in South Carolina, and an amazing everyday house.
-Give considerably to Red Cross, Brain Tumor Foundation, and Cancer Research
-Travel travel travel
-Work part-time/volunteer at a job I truly loved
-Buy a season football box at UVA and Penn State, throw amazing tailgates

My 5 tags are:

One Preppy Day
A Preppy Girl's Guide to Cross Country Living
Queen Bee Swain
Glamorous Newlywed
Nautical by Nature

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend!


  1. loved reading you list!! I love ANY yogurt that has cheesecake in it! Hope you have a great weekend! = )

  2. Thanks for the tag!!! Hopefully I'll post my answers to this today. Hope you had a great Halloween weekend!!