Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peanuts Halloween

I love all of the Charlie Brown movies--we used to look forward to seeing them every year. I watched the great pumpkin playing on ABC last night and introduced Bry and Regan to the tradition...

I'm getting excited for the halloween episodes of my favorite shows tonight--and our property people brought in a huge pumpkin filled with candy, and not the dumdums and crappy chocolate kind, really good! candy...urgh. I've been eating milk duds all day--thankfully there was no candy corn or I'd be totally sick right now.

I also went to Target over lunch and found a really cute witch hat, if J Crew made a witch hat it would be this one with rosettes and feathers all over (I couldn't find the picture online). All of target's costumes are 30% off right now so if you're cutting it close there are deals to be had!


  1. I love Halloween episodes! I still love the Garfield Halloween one, too!

    The witch hat sounds so cute! I hope you'll post a picture.

  2. I still LOVE to watch the old reruns of Roseanne Halloween episodes!

  3. That has always been my favorite Halloween movie!!