Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's like a birthday two weeks of Christmas!

For those of you who don't know this, every year I celebrate a birthday two! weeks, one week before your b-day and one after. I find it hard to smash all the birthday stuff into one little day so two weeks is just enough time for flower deliveries, drinks out, yummy dinners, gifting...haha ok you get the picture. So this Christmas, without even planning it this way, we'll be celebrating for two weeks as a result of our Utah trip to see Brys parents over the actual holiday. My parents are coming up this weekend to exchange presents (and drink eggnog and sing carols--though they don't know about this part yet). We wrapped everything up last weekend and "put up" our mini silver tree a few weeks ago.

It will be strange not to be at home for Christmas this year and I'll miss our family traditions such as: wearing paper crowns during present opening...and the rest of the day (they come from the Christmas "crackers" that you pop open and they have little presents inside), watching the christmas story 5 times over, stifling laughs through our churchs' crazy choir directors christmas song choices (one year it was a very caribbean christmas to give you an idea), and eating tons and tons of fudge mom will inevitably make. Unfortunately our parents live on two different coasts, basically, so we won't ever be able to combine holidays. How does everyone else cope with splitting holidays?

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