Friday, December 18, 2009

Change of Plans

So with half a foot of snow descending upon Virginia it looks like we'll be shut-ins for the weekend. My sister is flying in today from Fla. because she couldn't get to my parents house before the snow starts. Thankfully I made a huge batch of Barefoot Contessa's Parker's beef stew, which is delicious--you can find the recipe here. During lunch I'm planning to run out to get a few extra essentials:

Popcorn tin of goodness--I have been wanting one of these for months!

Some beer to keep us warm!

Bryan has never seen this movie! tragic--so I'll be picking it up today too...

This is the beef stew--it's amazing...

I'm also planning to make Paula Dean's Mexican Wedding cookies tonight--I'll report back on that project. Other than that we'll just be opening presents!yay!, watching Christmas movies, and relaxing by the space heater. I hope everyone stays safe and warm in the east coast snow--have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Mmmmmmm - I want to test out that beef stew recipe!!! I need some recommended recipes b/c I've made a few yucky ones lately :(

  2. I miss the snow so much! I think we're going to miss it when we finally get to Maryland. It's 65 degrees and sunny here, so I'm having a hard time believing it's really Christmas. Hope you have a blast in Utah :)

  3. sounds pretty perfect to me and ps- LOVE the caption of the previous post- sick and twisted by that is why my fam likes that movie too :)