Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coming Clean

This is a post for all the single ladies out there (put your hands up!), haha ok enough joking. This is a serious post because I feel like it's time to share my SSB (remember this from sex and the city) yes, thats right, my secret single behavior. Some of you may be shocked, some of you may be appalled, and some of you may kindred spirits (if this is the case, leave a girl a comment of solidarity!).

For the record I know! I am not engaged, or probably that close to being engaged, though the talk of rings has picked up lately. We've looked at a few rings and discussed what I thought I might like, so it's not my fault--this SSB--once you try on a big sparkler I'd like to see you try to tell me the thought of having that thing on your hand permanently doesn't enter your ring-crazed mind every now and then.

So! without further ado I give you my secret shame:

my wedding files

I read somewhere that it's never too early to start collecting wedding day inspiration--obviously I took this to heart. The funny thing is though, I don't even know if I want to have a wedding--I don't like the idea of all that attention on me. Maybe a justice of the peace wedding followed by an awesome party or a destination wedding with few friends and family--I'm just not sure. I know it's supposed to be your decision as a couple and the options are pretty wide open but it seems like after you get engaged its decision making time (x 100)!


  1. ha, you are not crazy. I never was the girl who had her wedding planned at 15. I never even looked at dresses until I met LC. But I say when ya know, ya just know. And when ya know, there's nothing wrong with being prepared for the big event=) LC and I have talked about stuff, and he was like how do you that? I'm like because I called. I have to know these things in advance. And you already know, I'm not engaged...*yet*. But I've already found my dress, on paper that is. I won't go try it on til I'm engaged. And who knows, once it's on, I may not even like it. But still I'm getting prepared. And my parents are only giving me 5K; so, I may, too, be doing a destination weddings. I never realized how expensive they were!!!!

  2. Ok, so I was never the one dreaming about getting married either but as soon as it happened, I was wayyyyy into the details. And I still am. So this is my old married lady confession: I want to get married over and over again (same guy I guess ;) just so I can do different color schemes/themes/locations. I'm a little obsessed with wedding planning. I think it’s a good idea to know what you like ahead of time because when you sit down and are forced to choose one, it can be totally overwhelming!

  3. Tisk tisk! hahaha Your inspiration is so pretty!! I love green, so you have inspired me to secret of course!

  4. So pretty! I do the same thing. No idea when he'll propose (or if), but I have my little secret stash of wedding ideas and still regularly peruse a couple sites!