Monday, December 14, 2009

I somehow convinced Bry to let me open one gift yesterday--we had been wrapping gifts all morning and will be doing Christmas early with my family since the two of us will be in Utah for Christmas this year. I gave him a few jcrew items and he gave me the owl city cd! which I said I wanted a few weeks ago and it is amazing people. They have a very postal service sound but it's easy to listen to an hour of their music and will be perfect for the plane ride coming up. I would really recommend trying them out.

Other weekend notables:

Celebrating with newly engaged friends at fun bars downtown

It was the weekend of high school, just about everyone I saw this weekend was in my high school graduation class...which is a good/not so good thing. I still enjoy just a few people from my high school and thankfully they were sprinkled amongst parties

Mad Men: Season 1--still in love

Watching the Christmas at the White House Special: Oprah and the Obamas, amazing

Cheddar popcorn, sundried tomato pizza, chocolate eclairs....enough said


  1. I love Owl City-it's so upbeat and fun! And how great was Oprah's Christmas at the White House?!

  2. I ordered the UVa book from barnes & noble, free shipping. Have you seen them in person? SO cute