Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Who's it going to be?

We've had top chef parties every Wednesday for the last 4 months and now it's finally time to find out who the winner is. We sat through the tats and the piercings, not! appetizing Bravo..., through the Robin drama, and the "brotherly" competition. It's time to pick a winner winner chicken dinner!

I really really hope it's Kevin or the good brother, Bryan.

Pick this guy! pick this guy!

Please do not! pick this guy:

The picture says it all...what a jerk!


  1. Agreed -- what is with the mean brother??? I would never want to work with him!

  2. I hope it's Kevin. I think he seems ike a great chef and he is always so gracious!

  3. Agreed! I do love me so Top Chef and I'm going to miss it when the season is over. Can't wait to see what they cook tonight!

  4. Good luck on your "browsing"! I found the most beautiful band at Kay's of all places. I think their commercials are so cheesy, but the band is TDF! LC and I have looked at rings. He knows what I want. Now, he just needs a swift kick in the arse to get going with it!!! Ha=)