Friday, May 28, 2010

What the Ladies Will Wear

I just realized I never revealed what my lovely bridesmaids will be wearing for the wedding. I decided to go with the J Crew option, mostly because it's very accessible and I don't believe in fittings for bridesmaid dresses--why should they be doing the same amount of work that I'm doing to get into their dresses? We also scored in ordering some dresses on sale, the barely peach color was going out of style--I frantically realized one day when the styles were selling out online.

I let the girls pick from a range of colors and styles but in the same fabric, silk taffeta, to keep everything somewhat coordinated. I am in love with our wedding colors and was inspired by the following mood boards.

Here they are!

There is also a blakely dress in champagne but I couldn't find a picture online.

I opted for a strappy gold sandal, like these J Crew styles:


  1. I love the dresses and your color pallette! It's going to be a beautiful wedding!

  2. So elegant! I wanted J.Crew dresses BADLY, but my bridesmaids pretty much put their foot down because they were more than they wanted to spend. Which I respected, obviously, since we found a dress at Nordstrom. But still.

    Your dresses are LOVELY!

  3. How beautiful! I love when bridesmaids wear different variations. It makes the procession so much fun! I think I's pick the strapless gown with the bow in the front - ADORABLE!!

  4. I love J.Crew bridesmaids dresses I wore one in a wedding last Labor day weekend! xx

  5. Lovely dresses! Is your bridesmaid interested in selling her champagne JCrew Blakely dress? I'm desperately looking for one as a bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding! Thanks!