Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wedding Dilemma

We just ran into a major issue with our venue. We are getting married at a small Inn in Virginia. The plan was for all of us to stay there for the weekend, get married on their grounds Saturday afternoon, and hold our reception at this same location. A few days ago we found out that the Inn had booked all of the rooms for another wedding, the Friday night before our wedding. There is absolutely no availability and not only did they not give us preference to book these rooms, we booked our wedding first, they did not alert us to this change at all. We found out after relatives called warning us that the Inn was not taking their reservations as it was booked.

I have been a mess for the last few days. We were given a rate for Friday night and told that we would certainly be able to book rooms. Now that we are still 6 months out we have the option to basically pull out of the wedding or continue working with our venue to make the best of things. They did admit fault and are trying to make this oversight up to us. What I need to know is, is this worth it? Should we just cut our losses and do something completely different? Readers who have gone through the wedding process, were you glad that you did? Is the stress and planning worth the end result? Would you have done it differently if you could go back?

I need your guidance to help wrap my mind around this new development.


  1. That sucks, sorry to hear. Don't worry it will all work out in the end! Keep you chin up, your Big Day is right around the corner! Someday you'll be able to look back and laugh!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of this bump in the road. Are there other hotels in the vicinity of this inn? If I were you, I would likely continue with the same plans (I mean, you've already invested all the time/energy/$$ in it -- and you've surely been day dreaming of walking down the aisle there). Perhaps you could find a new hotel nearby, and maybe the original site would provide some sort of bus transportation to ferry guests between the two sites to make up for their mistake???? It's worth a try!!

    All of that said, keep things in perspective, the point of the whole event is for you to marry your most favorite person in the whole world -- and that will still happen!! It really is special to be surrounded by the ones you love when you say I DO!

  3. Well my knee-jerk reaction would be to pull everything out and start all over again... but then you'd just be making things that much harder for yourself. Did you have to buy a catering package through them? If so, have them make some concessions to you since you're having to find other places to book your guests. If they're being polite and trying to make things work out, then I'd just stay with them, but see if you can get them to stretch themselves a bit. Good luck with the rest of the wedding plans!

  4. I'm so sorry! I think I like @EmilyB's idea. I planned my wedding in five months, so I can tell you yes, planning in so short a time can be done. But it might be a lot tougher to find a venue when you want it. We had basically no choices for a Saturday wedding, everything was already booked up. I loved my Sunday wedding (seriously, my wedding would have cost fully twice as much if we'd had it on a Saturday night), but if that's not something you'd be willing to sacrifice, you might be better served to stay where you are. On the other hand, my original florist crapped out and I ended up finding the Florist of My Dreams some 12 days or so before the wedding. THAT was totally worth it! If I were you, I think I'd so some venue research on comparable places, see what it would take to change plans, and then make an educated decision, ie don't pull out of this place without a Plan B that makes you as happy as Plan A originally did :) Good luck!