Friday, January 22, 2010

Dirty Martini Friday

I've always been that girl, at the bar, who doesn't have a go to drink. I'll hem and haw for a few seconds and when nothing comes to mind, or I feel ridiculous for just ordering a lemon drop martini, I'll go with beer or wine. But that uneasy feeling and my drink choice insecurity are banished now that I've found my drink. I'm not a big liquor person by nature--except in college when let's be honest, you would drink anything someone put in front of you--I don't like tasting actual liquor. Maybe I was inspired by Mad Men or maybe I'm just maturing into adult beverage choices, because no ones getting younger here, but I love love love! dirty martinis. I've had a few out at restaurants and bars and last weekend decided to make them myself.

After a fated trip to the ABC store, securing Kettle One vodka--which is the best by the way, olives, and Frangelico (randomly) we went back to the house to make our concoction. Bry wasn't convinced you needed to use good vodka for a dirty martini so we made one with kettle one and one with pinnacle vodka (cheap and good for mixing...heavily). It was not even a contest, the pinnacle was not enjoyable to drink--lesson learned, you need to use good vodka.

Here is my recipe for the best dirty martini that you'll ever drink...if you're into that kind of thing:

2 shots kettle one vodka
1.5 shots olive brine
3 blue cheese stuffed olives


  1. Vodka tonics are nice as well, especially when lots of lime juice is added ;) Bottoms up!

  2. My go to is Gin and Tonic, terrible for the insides. I hear alcoholics won't touch the stuff. HAHA