Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Decorating for the New Year

I received this book for Christmas and it is amazing! So many helpful tips about buying a sofa for instance, or decorating your entryway--all in a very comfortable and inspiring way. This book is also great as it doesn't focus on having a house, simply the space that you live in now--for our fellow apartment dwellers. I have decided that before our move, hopefully!, at the end of the summer we need to edit our apartment for style and function, maybe buying a few pieces that will last for a long time and make our next place feel more like home. I'd love to find a few pieces like these:

French Console Table from Pier One

Love this lamp!, from Pier One

Bailey Baskets, from Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Chair, perfect for a bedroom

Ethan is also a great resource for anyone who wants style inspiration.


  1. Congratulations on your engagement! I'm not sure how I didn't realize this before but you're from Virginia! I'm from Charlottesville but just recently moved to Richmond! p.s. that picture of the engagement ring is beautiful and I'm sure yours is gorgeous!!

  2. That sounds like a great book. It is unbelievable how expensive decorating can be. My main thing right now is figuring out curtains/drapes. I wish I could sew them myself, but I don't even have a sewing machine. We just bought a table for the foyer too!

  3. I live in an apartment, too, and I love decorating--I agree that a lot of tips are more geared toward houses. I love your ideas! I would definitely like to invest in some pieces that make it feel more like home and less like a temporary place to live.