Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was super busy with Bryan taking the GMAT early Saturday morning then driving up to Annapolis for a family dinner. His dad just retired from the airlines so they did a big dinner honoring all of the pilots. It was great to see lots of B's family, aunts, cousins, family friends etc. Though it was a short trip we tried to squeeze all we could out of it by stopping at IKEA for some much needed household goods. It was the day of the curtain, and will probably be the month of the curtain if I can't get motivated to finish. We bought the hemmable kind with basic black rods. I've never hung anything except some picture frames so this should be an adventure. I'd love any advice! I'm also planning to read up at the amazing! website, Young House Love. If you haven't visited this blog before it's a definite must for any young homeowner, or do it yourselfer (aparently I'm making up words today). When I first stumbled across YHL I spent hours, days! looking at all of the projects and dreaming of beautifying our apt.
So this week will be filled with IKEA installations, delicious everyday italian recipes, and trying to get back into the gym routine!

8 (work) days until Thanksgiving!!


  1. A level and measuring tape will be your best friends when hanging the curtain rod! And start with the outside brackets and then hit the middle one. This way it's sure to be level.

    I cannot wait until Thanksgiving! Time off and getting to be with family!

  2. I wish I could give you advice, but I've done it SO many times that I can eye-ball it now and it works out perfectly--but it was a painful journey to get to this point! If your window is more narrow than you'd like, I'd extend your brackets out a few inches farther to give the illusion of width. Post pictures!

    Did Bryan get his GMAT scores back right away? Isn't that the one that's on the computer, so it spits out your score right there? How did he do?