Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

I decided to go home this weekend to visit the family, and give B a quiet house for studying. The weather was beautiful, judging from the rays of sunlight streaming in through the J Crew outlet windows ;-) kidding but I might have done some serious damage on that front. Friday night we ordered chinese--yum! and watched Animal House which I had never seen in its entirety. I feel like being a member of the Greek system makes you appreciate the movie even more, oh the frats.

Saturday my sister and I went to the J Crew outlet and then sat through the Penn State game half watching and half cringing/turning the channel at every opportunity. My Dad went MIA, of course, as he does during all Penn State football games--literally gone for 4 hours when we found him in his car in the driveway listening to the game, hah. Sunday was beautiful and we took a long walk on my old high school cross country course--I can't believe I ever ran 6 miles a day for cross country and then indoor track season. My hometown is also called the "hill city" for a reason...brutal for a runner, well a runner who doesn't like running.

Being home for the weekend was relaxed and fun and I can't wait until Thanksgiving. My parents were asking if Reagan would be making the trip with us--if you've ever been with a cat in the car a lot of them make this horrible crying sound and Reagan belts it out as if she's in serious pain. I know she'd rather be with us than alone at home but I know she's going to cry for 2 hours straight.


  1. sounds like a great relaxing weekend...your picture made me laugh out loud...great movie

  2. Nothing beats a good weekend at home! Glad you had such a great one!