Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be random like it's your job

Thoughts this week:

Why did I have a dream about my friend marrying her a the produce section? Does that not mean something, I hope to god, or does it? I'm not sure I want to know...

Why is the weather making me want to quit working out while simultaneously willing me to drink more? Not good.

Dear ladies at Ann Taylor,
I want to thank you for your 30% friends and family discount this week, however, is it really necessary to kick my boyfriend out of the dressing room area b/c other ladies "might be uncomfortable", really?

I'd like to be finished with my Christmas shopping...right now, instead of not having begun yet.

Super steathly boyfriends should not ask you your ring the middle of a totally unrelated conversation. Don't all guys know to take your ring and size it?--ok but in his defense I would freak out! if I thought I lost my college ring that I wear every day.

And lastly, is it Friday yet? then it'll be time to crack open those margaritas and party with my sorority sisters, like we're still in college-style


  1. Really??? Ring sizes???? Ooh ooh ooh!!!!! I just love hearing things like that! If you need 25 seersucker table runners, let me know!

  2. Ring size!!! How exciting! My husband never had to ask. I practically begged him to take me to a jewelry store so I could try them on! I do actually really highly recommend that, though, whether you go with him or a friend or your mom. I always thought I wanted a princess, but I didn't like it on my hand. I fell head-over-heels with a round brilliant cut, which was shocking! And I know other girls who have had similar experiences! You just can't tell from online or in a magazine what type will actually look best on you! Keep us posted!

  3. hahha these are so funny...and i'm totally with you on wanting to drink more & work out less!