Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gmats and Charlie Brown

With all of the studying going on in our house over the past few months, I've officially become a GMAT widow. Bry has been studying more and more with the test coming up next weekend. I won't kid you, I do enjoy watching Say yes to the Dress without extra boy judgment, but I can't wait! until it's over. We've been thinking about moving for a while now and it just seems like the right time. I'm leaning towards North Carolina but anything is possible! When I first started looking at colleges I wanted to move far away--do something different, and somehow I ended up an hour from home. Then as I was looking for jobs I really! wanted to move to Boston--and then I ended up two hours from home. I like being so close to my family but I feel like now is the time to branch out and make a big change while we're not tied down at all. I'm sure I'll be asking all you lovely readers about city recommendations as we start to look at schools!

It's also time to dust off the Christmas cds! I make myself wait until November to break out the Christmas music every year. My favorites include Charlie Brown Christmas, absolute favorite of all time, and the London Symphony Orchesta Christmas, great classical christmas music.


  1. I love Vince Guaraldi! I listen to that cd year round, sad I know!

  2. Don't move! Richmond is lovely!