Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cabin Fever

We experienced a lot of doing nothing this past weekend with snow piling up outside, we even missed a day of work on Monday because the streets were so bad. I love! snow--usually--but not on the weekends when you're supposed to be running around doing things. I also decided not to cook last week so our stockpile of possible dinner choices included takeout pizza, mac and cheese from a box, and other pasta related options. Haha it wasn't the greatest, but we got through it with a few bottles of wine--at least we had that!

We did however watch some awesome documentaries this weekend, The Cove which was a netflix pick, and then we rented Food Inc from the local movie place. Both were really really good! The Cove is amazing, kind of sad but you really learn about a practice that I had no idea still existed, I'm sure you didn't either. Food Inc made me want to be way! more conscious about what we're eating--add that to the New Years Resolution list. Its not very graphic or anything, which would have been a deal breaker for me, but extremely informative about all kinds of things Americans are sold by the meat/corn/fast food industry. Go rent them right now!

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  1. We watched The Cove about a month ago, and it's pretty safe to say we will not take our (future) kids to Sea World, which is kind of sad because I loved that place, but I had no idea this kind of dolphin killing even happened :(

    So Food Inc. didn't make you want to throw everything in your pantry out? Because I've been worried I could never eat meat again after watching it