Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dress Shopping, part 1

Hello! I'm sorry I've been slacking lately with my blog posts--there has been a lot going on between wedding planning, traveling, Bryan waiting to hear from schools/interviewing, etc. This weekend my mom and sister are coming into town for some dress shopping!! We had planned a weekend about a month ago but with all the crazy snow storms we had to cancel it. I was kind of feeling nervous about trying on dresses the first time we were scheduled but now after a little more time, and trying on a few at the J Crew outlet when I was home, I feel prepared and excited! I think I want a sheath style dress with some kind of texture, probably lace, and a sweetheart neckline. Here are some of the dresses I would loveee to try on (though I've heard you should try a bunch of different styles to really see what you like best):

Love this Monique Lhullier dress--

And this one for some reason...its gorgeous!

I tried on this confetti dress at J Crew and really liked it, though I wasn't convinced it was the one

Ok I am obsessed! with this dress--from Jim Helm, I love the darker fabric underneath and all the beautiful lace


  1. I love the first one but especially the last one! The first one is a little low cut, maybe? It might just be that I don't like that girl's boobs. They are kind of saggy, right?

    Anyway, they are gorgeous! It sounds kind of like how I described my dress! So much fun!

  2. Ooo dress shopping, fun! Love the sweetheart top in the first pic (the one above where you start writing).

    Good luck finding the PERFECT one!!


  3. its funny how you change your mind once you try on stuff... I thought I had it all figured out but ended up completely changing my mind once I started trying on dresses!

  4. Have so much fun!! I love them all, but especially the last one!

  5. beautiful!!!!!! :) have fun with dontinued shopping...what a dream!