Friday, February 26, 2010

Nashville Trip

We had an amazing time and got to see a lot more of the city we'd love to call home. We did priceline for a hotel and scored the downtown Hilton for our long weekend stay. Our visit really started on Saturday morning, after the 10! hour car ride we were pretty much done Friday night. I spent the day hanging out with one of my favorite friends Hillary--shopping, grabbing some delicious lunch and then cupcakes!, and getting a tour of the city.

Saturday night we went to Cabana, a romantic and chic restaurant that has tapas as well as regular entrees--American with a little southern thrown in. I had the most amazing shrimp and grits! After dinner we went to this little speak easy bar in Midtown called Patterson House where they make every drink from scratch and there is a velvet curtain keeping people waiting from the library-like bar.

Sunday we went to Noshville, a NYC style diner, for brunch. Delicious fried hashbrowns, I was sold! It was freezing for our entire stay but especially Sunday so we hung out in the warmth of our hotel and watched the Olympics.

Monday morning we had to stop by the Pancake Pantry on our way out of town--seriously the best pancake you will ever eat. The place has been around since the 19th century and there is a reason they are still in business.

I realize this entire post has been about food thus far...we obviously ate pretty well, haha! The other reasons we had a great time in Nashville are the amazingly friendly people, the just enough but not too much energy of the city--it's just our size, and all of the fun things to do--live music, museums, NFL/NHL, country music star sightings!, great restaurants/shopping, outdoor activities, etc. It's in a beautiful state and relatively close to family--and Vanderbilt seemed like a great fit for Bry. Cross your fingers and we'll see what happens!

Happy Friday everyone--


  1. How awesome!!! I'm going to Nashville tomorrow to celebrate my bday with my girls, and we're eating dinner at Cabana. I LOVE that place!!! I'm only 3hrs away from Na$hvegas. How fun:)

  2. I grew up just outside Na$hville.. Love it! Glad you had a good time.

  3. My friend lived in Nashville 2 summers ago and always talked about The Pancake Pantry! Next time I go to Nashville (which I hope is soon because I LOVE it) I hope to go there!