Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentines for the Boys

I'm a big present person, I know that makes me sound bad, but my love language is gifts! I learned that from this book, which seems corny but is totally worth the short entertaining read.

I guarantee you will finish it with a new understanding of yourself and your significant other.

Anywho, in the spirit of not over gifting, which may have occurred over Christmas, I set a $20 limit for our Valentines this year. Something my husband is a big fan of (since he's currently a non working full time student).

I came up with a few ideas I have either gifted my husband or thought about gifting him for this Valentine's Day. Just something small and thoughtful.

J Crew Candy Heart Boxers

Art of Shaving Kit, I gifted this as a stocking stuffer this year, the sample size as I wasn't sure how he would like it, but it got rave reviews! He loves it and it smells great. 3 cheers for a little fancy man-hygiene. From Sephora.

Great for high ball drinks, whiskey, whatever your guy likes. From MOMA.

Something from the heart, a picture of our home state with an emphasis on Richmond (where we lived for 4 years before coming to Nashville). From this lovely Etsy seller.

Hope that gives you some ideas for your Valentine. As for me, I'll take hydrangeas, good truffles, and a sweet card. I'm a Valentine cliche!

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  1. These are great ideas. I Love the picture of Virginia.