Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

In the New Year spirit, H and I were talking about the coming year. After spending a week with our super healthy/fit siblings over Christmas (and realizing that we are nothing like that) I'd like to make an extra effort to eat more cleanly and keep junk/extra alcohol out of the house. Less dessert, less junk food, and no drinking Sunday-Thursday should help immensely. We were also members of a local Nashville CSA (Delvin Farms) this summer/fall and absolutely loved it! Every other Saturday at the farmer's market we picked up a large box of fruit/veggies/herbs which really encouraged me to cook with more vegetables and get creative. I can't wait until spring rolls around to make saturday pick ups again.

I'm also in the mood to simplify our life. If I start thinking about all the possibilities that the future holds I get the shakes a bit. I think paring down will give me a stronger inner peace that I need, to combat my major type-A attributes. I've always had anti-hoarding tendencies, "honey can we go through your closet again to see if there's anything to throw out?" but I'd also like to focus on saving more, needing less, and appreciating what we have. We'd like to take a vacation to France sometime this spring and also start saving for a house, ahh goals! how I need you. So owning less, appreciating more, and keeping our goals in sight will certainly help!

Cheers to 2012! (my inner geek is so pleased with this even numbered year ;-)

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